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Wedding Lightscaping at Springside Inn, Auburn, NY.


Syracuse, NY Wedding Up-lighting

Wedding Lightscaping at the Syracuse Marriott Downtown Syracuse, NY.


Lighting is your very FIRST impression, and an investment that lasts forever in every photograph! Whatever your vision for lighting, we can likely make it a reality. Rather than the old fashioned (HOT) lights and cords cluttering your space, we offer a more modern approach; Wireless Lightscape Design. Always unique to your tastes and space, we'll consult you on your vision, and use software technology and computerized light controllers to program the exact color lightscape you envision. With this service, we include programmable modern, and safe (zero heat-emitting) LED lighting that can produce brilliant color to compliment your specific event or wedding colors, whatever they may be. 

Create your atmosphere!

The Difference

When done properly, uplighting design can turn an everyday tent or a banquet room, into a  breathtaking ballroom ready for an elegant evening. 


Pillars of light

Several carefully placed uplights can bring so much flair to a room, and to your photographs. The option to the left, is a warm amber tone. It's subtle, and is reminiscent of gentle candlelight. Simple, elegant, and not overpowering the rooms natural lighting... If you'd prefer a splash of more color, that's as easy as dialing it in. 


Best Practice

While there are many ways to use uplights, We often recommend a "less is more" approach. When uplighting is overdone, and a room is entirely bathed in color, it tends to battle  the room's natural lighting. The effect is a wedding album full of purple people, (or whatever color you selected). When it comes to lighting, more isn't always better.


Conversely, lighting that is used creatively and accents a room's unique architecture, to compliment and not overpower, creates a stunning, dramatic effect.  



Uplights can also be used to accent specific tables. Creating a warm glow in complementary color under a cake table, a table of place-cards or even appetizers can call attention to these important areas of the interest. 



Pinspotting is a great way to spotlight your beautifully decorated cake, or table centerpieces. Instead of leaving your confectionery investment in the dark, a focused spotlight will put it on display. Pinspotting is Just $75 each.

Set the Mood with Your Custom Colors

Control of the overall vibe, and compliment your wedding colors without compromise. Our Lightscaping design is 100% custom programmed to every wedding. Whether you want a gentle glow accenting walls or your ballroom's unique architecture, a bold splash of color, or lighting that changes. Chances are, we can achieve it. Unlike the lighting offered by some venues, our system is centrally controlled throughout your event, and can change colors at any time- for instance, changing the mood from a romantic, elegant dinner, to something more fun when it's time for dancing!  Later in the night when the dance-floor is packed, we can even put our lighting in sound-active mode so the entire room changes color with the beat of the music! The only limit is your imagination! 


Our designer atmospheric lighting not only brings attention to focal point like a head table like nothing else... It can add the feeling of real warmth. 


Lightscape design programming is available in 2 packages


  • Wireless, Full Room Lighting Design Programming

  • Accent Lighting Programming


Contact us today for a custom quote based on

your specific venue!

Note: We do not rent light fixtures. In fact, when you hire us to provide Lightscaping design, we bring whatever is needed for your specific venue or space, and whatever is needed, is included! We use software and light control hardware to program a lightscape unique to your specific ballroom, tent, or other wedding space, and we control the lighting throughout your event. The lights we use are our tools to achieve your vision. To view a Lightscaping Color Chart, click here

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