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Wedding season is on in NY: Invite everyone you want, dance like it’s 2019!

New York has lifted its Covid-19 capacity limits to allow up to 250 guests indoors and up to 500 people outdoors without requiring Covid-19 testing or proof of vaccination.

Read the entire report reflecting the recent guideline change at

Per the CDC's updated recommendations, wearing masks is not neccesary for vaccinated people.


Our Covid-19 Rescheduling Policy

​For clients who are forced to move their wedding date due to a NYS executive order prohibiting business and any social activities on your contracted date, we can move your date to any available date in the current calendar year, and apply all payments to that date. There will be no additional date retainer fee, just an updated contract which will reflect the new date. This applies only to government regulations prohibiting gatherings and/or celebrating weddings, and we cannot move dates due to regulations like masks, social distancing, travel restrictions, guest count etc.

Due to very limited seasonal availability of Saturday dates, client's making the decision (not forced by the NY State PAUSE executive order) to move the date of their Saturday event, we can offer the following options:

1. We will offer priority rescheduling to any available Friday or Sunday within 13 months, applying all of your payments with no additional retainer fee, and only charge a 7% rate increase for any wedding moving to the next calendar year. This 7% is our typical annual rate change and reflects what you'd have been quoted had you inquired regarding any date the following calendar year.

2. If you choose to schedule your wedding to a Friday or Sunday date beyond 13 months, or choose to move to any Saturday in the current or next calendar year, there will be an additional new date retainer fee (1/3 your total, as outlined in your contract), as well as a 5% rate increase for any wedding moving to the next calendar year. This 7% is our typical annual rate change and reflects what you'd have been quoted had you inquired regarding any date the following calendar year. To move forward and secure your date, we'll create an updated contract, which will reflect the new date and the updated payment schedule.

*Note: We cannot downgrade your contract or remove any services.

Please know, we want to be as flexible as possible. While we hate to have to charge any additional fee, locking out multiple dates for the rate of a single wedding is not sustainable for the future of our business. Ensuring we're able to serve you during AND after these unprecedented times is a top priority.

We've grown!

As of 4/9/20, we've decided to take on additional staff.

Our goal historically, was for the company owner to be at the helm of every or most events. In order to ensure we can continue to provide the high level of service you're accustomed to, and assist with accomodating clients forced to reschedule their events, we cannot guarantee a specific DJ/MC for any event. Everyone on our team has over 10 years experience as a DJ, and has extensive wedding-focused experience. Rest assured you're in good hands, and if there's another wave of Covid-19 and (God forbid), you're forced to shift your date, we are fortified with the staff to better accomodate emergency changes.

Please Contact Us to Check Availability!

Due to Covid-19 and clients forced to reschedule/shift their dates, our Online Availability Checker may temporarily be inaccurate for some dates.

For the most accurate, current information regarding date availability, please email us directly.

Helping hundreds of clients celebrate over the years, we know better than most how stressful planning a wedding can be. Over the last year +, we've been scrambling to accomodate clients who legally cannot celebrate their wedding, and clients who are concerned about the legal restrictions extending, and affecting their dates... Among others concerns. Please know, we're doing absolutely everything we can to be flexible, and ensure your wedding is minimally impacted. The ripple effect of this has impacted our business substantially, but we sincerely want to do everything we can to make sure that whatever the date or location- your wedding is a celebration to remember!

If I can offer one ray of hope, it's this: When all of this is behind us, your guests will be SO ready to party! Drinks, dancing, and SOCIALIZING! Your wedding will be much more fun without this dark cloud hanging over it. Hold on to that light at the end of the tunnel! ❤

We'll be updating this page as News changes and the Covid Pandemic subsides. We appreciate your patience while we do our best to adjust to client needs, and government regulations.

Don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions or concerns. Thanks for entrusting us with your big day!


Kirk @ Select Receptions

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