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White Speakon Cables for RCF Evox J8 + Evox JMIX8



Custom made White Speakon cable in lengths of (approx.) 5 ft+, specifically for White RCF Evox J8 Satellite speakers. These will reach the J8's top-hole setting, and are a couple inches longer than the ones RCF includes, for extra slack.


Made to meet or exceed spec after consulting RCF engineers, these are heavy-duty 14awg 2 conductor cables with quality pvc jacket and braided sheathing, terminated w/ Neutrik Speakon connectors (the industry standard in broadcast and recording studios the world over). These are bright white and match the white RCF J8 / JMix8 beautifully. 


I've been making cables for 25+ years.  If you wrap these correctly (over/under) they should outlive you. :-)

Feel free to reach out for any reason. Thanks


Ph: 315-407-1269


$54.95/pair + $11 Shipping to the USA. 

Add $22 for International Shipping. 

Also available on eBay, HERE.

Please allow 7-10 days for production and delivery for USA shipping, Intl. shipping may be double that depending on location. 


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