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This image was taken at a wedding at the Embassy Suites Destony USA n Syracuse, NY

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Select Rceptions offers custom name in lights
Select Receptions custom monogram projection

One of the most elegant touches for any wedding! Imagine having your monogram or name in lights for all your  wedding guests to see as they walk in for the first time! Our projection option, shined on the dance-floor or a wall, adds a touch of custom class to any room.

Custom projection

CNY Wedding DJ Offering Professional Monogram Projection

Your Ballroom

What better way to customize your ballroom than by shining your very own name on it. We shine your customized design from off to one side, and can adjust the viewing angle digitally via software to maximize impact as guests enter the room. 


Your name or initials on a wall can call attention to a focal point as well. Flanked by uplighting, the effect can be quite dramatic. 


What Makes Ours Better

Aside from offering modern font options and sharp text, we believe our software based approach to monogram projection is superior for several reasons; 


Your monogram projection is one flat rate, with no extra cost for creation. We do all work 'in-house' and never have to send out to have a gobo cut. That's the traditional metal 'stencil' with a high-output light style. Our monograms are clean and modern, without the "stencil" effect created by traditional gobo projection. Additionally,  old fashioned gobo-projectors produce extreme heat aimed at the dance-floor. 


Your Name in Light

If there's one touch that wows people, it's monogram projection. Wedding guests are always taken aback when they walk into a room with the bride and grooms name or initials shining in light. 


View several examples of lettering style options and select what best fits you, and we'll create artwork customized with your name(s) for review. While many of the images on this page show projections on dance-floors, over time we've found that most clients ultimately prefered their projections on a wall instead. This is because on the dancefloor, it is only visible during the beginning of the evening, and has to be turned off during your first dance, parent dances etc. so it doesnt ruin pictures, then during dancing, it of course disappears.



  • Custom Name or Monogram Projection:  Just $250

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