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Considering a Photo-booth for your Syracuse area Wedding? You're at the right place! A Photo Booth is a FUN addition to any wedding reception. Our Digital Photo-Booth is the highest quality, is fully customizable, and in keeping with everything we offer for weddings, is personalized to you and your tastes! 

We offer multiple photo-booth options: Open-Air with your choice of backdrop, Enclosed/Lounge Style, and the Magic Mirror Photo-Booth Experience!


Your guests are greeted with a modern touch-screen interface with user-controlled options, like text delivery for instant social-media sharing! A modern version of the classic favorite! 

No, we're not like others...

Have you seen a wedding Photo-Booth with grungy, cheap props, and an attendant who looks like they travel with the state fair? We have, and we think your wedding or special event deserves better. 

Our staff is always professional and friendly, we use studio quality strobe flash, and professional DSLR camera, and from the look and feel of the software (option to retake pics anyone?), to the hats and silly props your guests will hold, we spare no expense in ensuring the entire experience leaves everyone feeling awesome! 

Audio Guestbook

What's more FUN than a cool vintagey-retro phone for your guests to leave well wishes, fun messages, marriage advice, crank calls and more?! 

We'll set it up right next to your guestbook by the entrance, or near your photobooth. When guests pick up the phone they'll hear your personalized greeting, and leave a message after the beep! Following your event, we'll send you mp3 files of all your special messages to download and save forever!

Limited time introductory rate: Just $249 with DJ services or Photo-Booth services ($399 without).

Available in Black, White or Beige (pictured)!

Click Here for more info on our Audio Guestbook! 

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Syracuse Area Wedding Photobooths
Photo-booth strips
Photo Booth at Camp Brockaway, Jamesville, NY
Bride and Groom Photo Booth

Photo-Booth Add-On Options: 

  • 2x6 Photo-strip Bonus-Sessions: +Add $100 for 151+ guests.  
    Have more than 150 guests? Bonus 2x6 Photo-Strip copies are what you need! Coverage for up to 250 guests! 

  • 4x6 Sessions: +Add $199 for up to 150 guests.
    Larger photos and more room for graphic design elements for your prints. We’ll print up to three copies of each photo-booth session. 

  • 4x6 Bonus-Sessions: +Add $249
    Have a scrapbook? Anticipate lots of large group photos? Bonus 4x6 copies are limited only by how many guests are in each photo session. 

  • Instant photo-texting to guests (WiFi dependent) +Add $50
    After each photo-booth session, guests will have the option to also have photos texted to their phones, in addition to prints. 

  • Red Carpet & Umbrellas w/ Velvet Rope and Stanchions:
    +Add $199

    Add the WOW factor with a photo-area flanked with Red Carpet & Velvet Ropes on stanchions, and umbrellas.

  • Memory Album: +Add $249
    We'll provide a dedicated attended to invite guests to add photos and sign their messages and a specialized album for photo-strips. this also includes creating on-the-spot re-prints as needed. Makes a great Keepsake!


Fast & Fun Photo Texting!

With our Photo-Texting Option, at the end of each Photo-Booth session, guests have the option to opt-in to receive their photos via a one-time text message!

Texted Photos Opt-In

check availability

Photo booth fun!


Digital Photo Booth Pricing

  • Just $74for up to 5 Hours for wedding receptions with our DJ services. Coverage for for up to 150 guests! 

  • Just $899 for up to 5 hours without our DJ services. 

  • Add on-the-spot instant prints (2 per session) with traditional photo-strips featuring your your name(s) & date on every print for just $99!

  • Add high-quality fun props for guests to wear: A rack of 12 quality hats, signs to hold, funny glasses etc. for just $99!

    Includes 5 Hour wedding photo-booth with on-the-spot photo-strip printing, high-quality props, and complimentary Audio Guestbook Phone to collect guest messages! 

Our Photo Booths Include...

  • Classy booth designs that blend in well with any setting 

  • Modern, touch-screen interface with the option to retake pictures 

  • Friendly on-site tech to assist 

  • Your name(s) & date on any photo-strips

  • Unlimited photo-booth sessions for weddings with up to 125 Guests
    (Add bonus-session below for +125 Guests)

  • After your wedding, we'll send a link to download all photo-booth images 

  • Delivery/setup/breakdown, + all inclusive 

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Syracuse's BEST Wedding Photo-Booths!

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