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Sweet 16 Lightscaping

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Syracuse, NY Wedding Up-lighting

About out Lightscaping...

  • Available in packages of 6, 12, 18 or 24 Lights.


  • Stunning Color. Our lighting can achieve nearly any shade imaginable, and produce vibrant bold, or subtle tones, whichever you envision. 


  • Bathe The Room. Nothing is cooler than aroom bathed in your favorite color, changing to the music.


  • We use software and light control hardware to program a lightscape unique to your specific ballroom, tent, or other space, and we control the lighting throughout your event. The lights we use are our tools to achieve your vision. Contact Us today with more information about your venue for more information on what our lighting design programming services can do for your Sweet 16! 


Lightscape design & programming is available for $119 every 6 lights, OR-

Just $399 for FULL room lighting with 24 wirelesss ligthing fixtures!

lightscaping makes all the difference. With the right lightscape, a boring roo can be instantly transformed into a club or lounge atmosphere. We can create and program a lightscape in your favorite color with amazing accuracy. Make the entire room and specific tables glow with uplighting, and when the party kicks into high gear, it can change with the beat of the music! 

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