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Our tools


We spare no expense and consider every detail when deciding upon a piece of equipment that will be at your wedding reception. Aesthetics and sound quality can go hand in hand. Click any of the images for an enlarged view. Our system is streamlined and modern, using a software based platform and digital control surface, with redundant backup at the ready. Connections and wires are kept to our side of the table as much as possible, without the usual messy DJ table. Sometimes, we'll opt for a facade to create a DJ Booth area.


For cocktail hours, dining areas away from a main reception space, and ceremonies, we usually use a Bose L1 Compact system. This is often run wirelessly from a transmitter inside the building, or wherever the main DJ system and dancing is to take place. Having consistent music as guests move from area to area is an important touch during outdoor cocktails. 

To keep things as neat and unobtrusive as possible, our dance-lights use just one stand, with all cables neatly wrapped. Dance lights help make the dancefloor more inviting! 


The basic dance-light system we use provides 4 flat-par wash lights, and sometimes a dome light mounted to the stand. This provides and extremely flexible system and is entirely self contained. All lighting is cool running LED, and is synced to sound.


We also offer several upgrade options including architectural uplighting, spotlighting your cake, and your name or monogram in light on the dance-floor etc.


Contact us today, for availability and a custom quote!


Superior, premium sound is standard


We utilize powerful, unobtrusive, state of the art equipment, never old fashioned "carpeted" speaker boxes with messy wires. These have internal amplifiers that are matched and tuned specifically to the speakers ensuring the most pristine sound.  We prefer Bose and Electro-Voice Speakers, elevated on stands. 


We're the only mobile DJ in CNY who offers the Bose Array system. This high-end system uses 48 articulated array speakers in two unobtrusive towers with dual sub-woofers per side. Every guest, regardless of seating arrangement, can enjoy the warm, crisp Bose sound with uniform, even dispersion. For clients who love Hip Hop & modern dance music, we're glad to bring additional EV sub-woofer reinforcement for extra boom on the dance-floor later in the evening. We're confident in saying that there isn't a better system, at any cost, that provides the same balance of rich sound, elegant design and absolute BANG on the dance-floor. 

“Do everything in love.”

1 Corinthians 16:14



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