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DJs helping DJs in Central New York
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New Organizational Structure for The CNY DJ Association

The Board of Directors of the CNYDJA

Roles and Responsibilities

Created by Kirk Rothrum | 6/24/18


  • Plan meeting agendas, decide order & timing of meeting agendas

  • Be well briefed on items and actions since last meeting

  • Start meetings, welcome and/or introduce any new members

  • State objectives of each meeting or items covered

  • Maintain control of meetings, guide timeline/agenda

  • Encourage member participation

  • Provide impartial support to all members

  • Close meetings with wrap up and set date and topic for next meeting, delegate tasks for anyone facilitating next/future meeting(s)


Vice Chair

  • Assist chair in all duties.

  • Step into role of chair when he or she is unavailable or unable to attend.

  • Focus on increasing membership and growing association.



  • Arrange accommodations for meetings.  

  • Arrive early to Ensure meeting area/room is ready.

  • Take meeting attendance and convey any regrets

  • Ensure meetings are effectively organized and minuted.

  • Send any reminder notice or an “Action List” to any relevant members after meetings


Internet & Social Media Person/Team

  • Maintain website, blog and social media with pertinent info regarding upcoming meetings or opportunities for members.

  • Create and maintain any sensible social-media pages for the association with a focus on establishing a presence of professionalism that raises the credibility of all members.

  • Take/record meeting notes to create summarized blog-post keeping absent members abreast.

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