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The Top 5 Reasons you Need Wedding Videography

Stat from Brides Magazine: Roughly 63% of couples hired a wedding videographer to some extent in 2018 (the most recent data from The Wedding Report), leaving about 37% without any form of Video for their wedding day. Of the 37% who didn’t, nearly 94% of those couples a year later said they regretted not having any video of their wedding day. For all you invest in this one day, not having video keepsake feels irresponsible.

Here are the Top 5 reasons you need wedding videography:

  1. The people. Hearing your grandma's voice saying the blessing before dinner, Watching your mom help you with your dress, or reliving a mother and son dance… These moments happen once in our lives. While photos let us see it all again, a wedding film brings it all back to life. "I absolutely love our photos, but they are still images. We watch the video every year on our anniversary, and we get to see the family members who are no longer with us and hear their voices, see them dancing and enjoying themselves, etc. Every time we watch it we notice new things, too." -Nicole

  2. You will watch it. Think of your wedding anniversary 5, 10 or 25 years from now. How many things will you remember from your wedding day that far in the future? Years ago, a wedding video was typically on a tape or DVD that collected dust, and degraded with time. Not anymore. Most couples these days share at least part of their video online (typically a highlights edit). Whether on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc, most remind you annually, and you’ll watch it again and again.

  3. Your children will cherish it. If your parents had a wedding video, would you watch it? It's safe to say you'd not only watch it, but you'd likely consider it an important family heirloom. Seeing your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and those who have long since left us, living vibrantly, and celebrating a new chapter. The chapter that brought about YOU. Your kids will absolutely feel the same magic watching your wedding video(s).

  4. You’ll miss a lot! Despite months and maybe even years of planning, your wedding day will fly by. As the newlyweds, you’ll be pulled in 100 different directions all day. You’ll absolutely miss a lot. If there’s anyone or anything of specific importance, just say the word and we’ll be sure to capture it! The things you were present for? Having them captured in beautiful detail from another perspective is priceless.

  5. Audio. Seeing and hearing your father make heartfelt welcome remarks to punctuate the beginning of your reception, listening to your Maid-of-Honor’s toast all over again, and reliving personal vows you wrote to one another. After investing so much in this one day that will fly by- seeing it, owning it forever, is priceless. We use industry standard, low profile microphones and digital recording to capture any important event you want covered over the course of your day.

For these reasons and more, we feel wedding videography is a necessity, not a luxury.

This is true regardless of what professional you hire. Over the last 10+ years as wedding pros, we’ve worked closely with many Syracuse area videographers. Both in coordinating the important timeline of events, and to provide audio support for their needs. For this reason, and our history in broadcasting, sound design and video, we're now offering Wedding Videography as Select Receptions Wedding Films. This was a seamless extention to what we already do, and with our proven track record, clients can feel confident they're in good hands with one of the most referred wedding vendors in Central New York by Venues, Photographers, Planners etc.

As always, don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions. Thanks and Good luck!


Kirk R., Select Receptions


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