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Nancy & Matt's Ithaca Farmer's Market Wedding Bash

Nancy and Matt's wedding Ceremony and Reception marked the first ever wedding we've done at the Ithaca Farmer's Market, but I hope it wont be the last! What an awesome space!

We were kindly referred by superstar Wedding Planner Megan Hiltbrand (MLH Events), who transformed the Farmer's Market into a stunning, rustic dream wedding venue.

We provided music for a stunning ceremony on the shore of Cayuga Lake Inlet, and wasted no time in packing the dance-floor after!

As they say- a picture is worth thousand words. The following photos taken by the talented Chris Szulwach of The Story Photography, say it all...

As always, being entrusted to help someone celebrate one of the biggest days in their lives, is something we take very seriously. Thank you for using Select Receptions Nancy & Matt!


-Kirk R.

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