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Justine and Dan's Rockin' Party

A super fun couple with wedding guests to match, the order of the evening at Justine and Dan's reception was a packed dancefloor.

As usual, I "vetted" Justine to see if her music tastes would be conducive to dancing, and when I saw her requests, I knew it would be great.

A year after we had the honor of performing at her sister's wedding, Justine and Dan's wedding proved to be just as fun!

We also provided a dance-floor monogram projection, and cool-white uplighting, a color that is a popular option. It has a tinge of blue to it, and a clean, modern look.

Jusitne and Dan currently reside in Georgia, but their reception was celebrated in the Binghamton area, where she is from. The wedding included around 200 guests from all over, who came to party.

We had the pleadure of working with the videography crew from Southsixty, as well as the talenty Courtney D ( The amazing shots in this post are courtesy Courtney D!

Thanks Justine and Dan, it was a sincere honor to help you celebrate your big day!

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