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3 Red Flags to Avoid When Hiring a DJ

A sad bride-to-be recently wanted to book a date we weren't available for :(. It happens. She was a bit lost on what to do next, as she'd never hired a DJ before, let alone planned a wedding! The least I could do was offer some advice on things to avoid... And being me, I figured it'd make a good blog post, if I added some snazzy images. Badda-bing, badda-boom.


Red Flag #1. They churn-out multiple weddings at a time. They might use buzzwords like "boutique" to describe their services, but does that sound like a boutique? Honesty is important. If your DJ calls themselves a "boutique", ask if there are any dates this year where their company will do more than one wedding. It's fair to wonder WHICH wedding they'll be truly focused on.


Red Flag #2.

They try to sell you on their gear.

Ahhh the elephant in the room, the DJ.

Sure, you want them to use professional equipment... But if their talent for simply carrying out your wishes doesn't trump "lights & speakers", beware! Guests aren't coming to see a "DJ concert" or light show from a guy who makes himself or his setup the center of attention on your big day.


Red Flag #3.

Their rate is super-afford-ably LOWER than others!

This one's scary, because there's a good chance that a cheap DJ won't be in business by the time your wedding arrives. Your wedding day is no time to roll the dice. Are you investing thousands of dollars in your wedding and entrusting the largest part of it (a 5 hour reception) to someone who DJs on the side simply to finance their hobby? Save money on veggie platters, chair covers etc. instead... A wedding day comes once, and there are no 2nd chances to get it right.

Featured Video: Wedding DJ Pulls a "No Show"!

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Visit our Reception DJ Services Page for more info, or to request a quote! :-)

Thanks and good Luck!


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