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Hiring a DJ Who Isn't a Tool

Will this be the face and voice of your wedding?

Will your DJ be more suited for bar "Trivia Night" than your wedding?

The very first impression your close friends and family will have entering your reception will be the decor, the second (and most lasting) impression, will be made by your DJ. Will he be a cringey cheese-ball?

It's scary that with the investment you make in this all-important day, you must blindly "trust" that your DJ/MC will be a good "match" with your tastes. Unfortunately, I'll definitely offend some peers with this post.

Here are a few ideas on how to avoid "that guy" at your wedding:

Tip 1: Ask about the company's philosphy on MCing your wedding. This isn't fool-proof, as sometimes the cheese doesn't come out until he turns on the microphone, when his voice instantly changes, and he does a lot of "finger guns". At the very least though, you'll sense if he or she's a pro. It doesn't have to be someone you'd be best friends with in life, but for what you're investing in this day, you don't want someone who might embarrass you! If this isn't possible because you're dealing with a company with many DJs, or they're unsure exactly WHO will be your DJ, keep looking!

Tip 2:

Ask the DJ what they'll do to get people dancing. If they themselves get on the dance-floor, or if they'd get on the microphone, you might want to avoid this DJ. I'm not saying every DJ who simply let's your guests know the dance-floor is open is going to be the "tool" you're looking to avoid... But a good DJ should be able to elicit dancing by simply playing the right music. It may sound like a no-brainer answer, but it's the one you want!

Do you really want your DJ to DANCE with guests? Yikes. I would not.

Tip 3:

Don't assume because his website claims he isn't cheesy, that he ISN'T cheesy. Sometimes it isn't until your wedding day you'll never hear phrases like "Allllrighty Ladies and Gentlemen, Let's give it up for our Bride and Groom"... In a voice you haven't even heard before, referring to you as "bride and groom" as if all of your guests don't know your names. Ask what his or her philosophy is on making announcements at your wedding. What announcements do they make, what's their approach etc.

It doesn't mean anything anymore to say "I'm not a cheesy DJ". After all, even Ron Burgundy thought he was kind of a big deal. ;)

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